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About Us

The mission of Youth Career Connect is to nurture a culture of internships, ensuring the quality and increasing the number of opportunities young people have to apply their academic experiences in workplace settings.

What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary position created by a business that benefits the host business and provides valuable work experience to a young person.

Great benefits for starting an internship program
  • Find Future employees
  • Test-drive the talent
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee-retention rate
  • Give back to the community
  • Support students
  • Benefit your business
Community Benefits from Internships

By hosting an intern, you will join partners in our community to collectively support and develop the next generation of local workers.

Internship Coordinator Can Help!

The Redmond Internship Coordinator is connected to the local high schools and colleges and will find you a good set of candidates to interview.

  • Redmond High School
  • Ridgeview High School
  • Redmond Proficiency Academy
  • Central Oregon Community College
  • OSU Cascades
  • Heart of Oregon Corps
  • Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
Prepare for Hosting an Internship
  • Can you support an internship?
  • Is the Internship paid or unpaid?
  • What efforts will be assigned to the intern(s)?
  • What training will be offered to the intern(s)?
  • Who will be assigned to supervise the intern(s)?
  • Understand state labor laws regarding hosting interns.
  • Hours per week: 4-16 hours (variable)
  • Total Hours: 65+ hours (minimum for high school students to receive school credit; College students can also receive unit credits based on type of internship)
  • Period: 10-12 weeks (variable)
  • Paid/Unpaid Internship: Employer’s discretion
  • Student Age Range: 16-24 years
Steps to Take
  • Meet with Internship Coordinator determine desire to host Internships.
  • Complete the Internship Request Form providing the details of internship.
  • Review candidates provided by Internship Coordinator
  • Interview selected candidates
  • Communicate the results of interviews to the Internship Coordinator
  • Complete High School District Internship Agreement. (Applicable to High School students only)
  • Welcome new Intern commencing Internship
  • Communicate with Internship Coordinator on intern’s progress
  • Complete periodic evaluations

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