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What Is An Internship?
An internship is a temporary position created by a business that benefits the host business and provides valuable work experience to a young person.
Role of the Internship Coordinator:
Acts as the liaison between the schools and area employers cultivating the relationships that leads to successful internships.
  • Hours per week: 4-16 hours (variable)
  • Total Hours: 65+ hours (minimum for high school students to receive school credit; College students can also receive unit credits based on type of internship)
  • Period: 10-12 weeks (variable and can continue is all parties agree)
  • Paid/Unpaid Internship: Employer discretion for paid or unpaid internships
  • Student Age Range: 16-24 years
Steps in Placing Intern:
    Internship Coordinator:
  • Works with local employers to create hosting opportunities for internships.
  • Internship Coordinator:
  • Meets with Career Advisor(s) to review internship process and required documentation.
  • Internship Coordinator:
  • Provides list of current Internships to Career Advisors
  • Student:
  • Students completes Student Internship Form, Resume and Data Release Form and submits to Career Counselor for review.
  • Career Advisor:
  • Sends reviewed forms to the Internship Coordinator
  • Internship Coordinator/Career Advisor:
  • Discuss current internship postings and students in candidate pool for pre-screening matching
  • Internship Coordinator:
  • Presents candidates (Student Internship Profile and Resume) to employer for consideration to interview
  • Presents opportunity for selected candidates to interview to Career Advisor
  • Presents selection decision from employer to Career Advisor
  • Career Advisor:
  • Initiates the execution to completion of the Parent-Student Internship Agreement. (High School Only)
  • Internship Coordinator:
  • Initiates the execution to completion of the School District-Business Internship Agreement. (High School Only)
  • Coordinates the start of first day of internship
  • Checks in with employer on the status of internship. Provides feedback and evaluations received from employer and student
  • All:
  • Evaluates whether to continue internship or start with new
  • All:
  • Learn and make the process better!
    Contract Information
  • Larry Holeman
  • Phone: 541-815-5005
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