Internship Details
Lynch Pro-FormanceWebsite:
Internship TitleInterns NeededType Of Student
Marketing and Business Intern1Min 18 Years Old
Start DateHourly RateHours/Week
6/25/2018UnpaidMon-Fri: 2 hrs per day
Computer KnowledgeDrug ScreeningBackground Check
Intern will be working with company in the business, marketing, (local and online) aspects of the company as they relate to their products.
Educational Aspect
Work experience to practice what the student has been learning in school. Learning about Lynch Pro-Formance products and how they are sold. Will be working with the company owner learning on how the products are promoted within and out of the region.
Further Requirements
Communications is key. Really want to work with an honest student that has a passion for the racing industry and likes to learn new things.

Redmond Youth Career Connect - 411 SW 9th Street, Redmond OR 97756