Internship Details
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Internship TitleInterns NeededType Of Student
Automotive and Racing Trainee - Intern1Min 18 Years Old
Start DateHourly RateHours/Week
Computer KnowledgeDrug ScreeningBackground Check
On-site automotive experience working with owner on race cars both in the shop and at races.
Educational Aspect
The intern will be learning from a career racing expert and race car owner. Real world automotive experience on how to prepare for, participate in an oval track sprint racing environment that is not available to everyone
Further Requirements
The intern will need to have a clear passion for automotive mechanics. Especially with desire to learn about high-performance racing vehicles. There will be weekends available where the intern can travel with the owner to races. Expenses will be paid for by Lynch Pro-Formance. This will be real-world exposure to how racing industry

Redmond Youth Career Connect - 411 SW 9th Street, Redmond OR 97756