Internship Details
Diamond Refrigeration, LLCWebsite:
Internship TitleInterns NeededType Of Student
Service Technician Intern1High School (17/18)
Start DateHourly RateHours/Week
Computer KnowledgeDrug ScreeningBackground Check
Preventative maintenance work, cleaning HVAC units, checking overall operation of the equipment in the restaurant, being a hand for the technicians and has the potential to turn out as a technician in about 5 years.
Educational Aspect
Customer service relations, diagnosing skills, HVAC&R service tech training.
Further Requirements
Anyone interested in this would need to pass a drug screening, have a good driving record, be safety orientated, be able to lift more than 50lbs and be able to climb ladders.

Redmond Youth Career Connect - 411 SW 9th Street, Redmond OR 97756