Internship Details
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Internship TitleInterns NeededType Of Student
Rangeland and Wild Horse Internship1This internship is a 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) Internship. Age requirement: 16-30 years and veterans up to 35 years of age. Internship duration: 640 hours and then intern will receive 2-Year non-competitive status hiring authority.
Start DateHourly RateHours/Week
6/19/2018$250 per 40 hours. $4,000 stipend total.40
Computer KnowledgeDrug ScreeningBackground Check
No PreferenceNo
The Ochoco National Forest is seeking one intern to work with the range and wild horse program on the Lookout Mountain Ranger District and Crooked River National Grassland. This intern position will assist with collecting data for range monitoring and wild horse management, work with people and on teams and learn range and wild horse administration. This position involves a great deal of field time including hiking in steep, untrailed terrain. This internship opportunity will assist during the summer range season as well as continue data collection for updating the Ochoco wild horse herd management plan. This internship would start as soon as June, 19 2018, hours and days can be very flexible as long as the total hours required by the internship are completed in 2 years. Skills the intern will have: • Current driver’s license with good driving record • Willingness to obtain government driver’s license and drive government vehicles including 4 X 4 trucks in all types of weather and at night • Ability to navigate on Forest Service roads and lands including reading a map and GPS unit • Ability to hike long miles in the heat of the day • At least one class in Natural Resources at the high school or college level • Familiarity with horses • Excellent communication skills and ability to easily talk to a large number of people on a regular basis • Exceptional work ethic, enthusiasm, and high degree of flexibility • Comfortable in remote settings with little to no cell phone reception
Educational Aspect
Skills the intern will develop: • Gain knowledge of the mission and history of the U.S. Forest Service • Obtain a government license to drive a government vehicle • Gain knowledge about range permit administration • Learn different data collection protocols • Experience multiple natural resource management components with the U.S. Forest Service • Begin to understand wild horse management by the U.S. Forest Service • Learn how to complete appropriate documentation reports • Map reading, GPS and mobile mapping application skills • Gain general knowledge about the local forests, as well as, the Forest Service as a whole • Exposure to other areas of interest within the Forest Service
Further Requirements
21st Century Conservation Service Corps is an opportunity for an individual(s) between the ages of 16 and 30 years old (inclusive), and veterans up to 35, engaged as a crew member or intern through an organization that operates in partnership with the Forest Service, each participant will be paid a stipend of $250 per 40 hours served and has the option to gain credit as an intern or other definition through their academic institution. Working toward 640 hours of conservation or related service, of which at least 120 hours take place on an appropriate Forest Service project. Upon completion of the program, candidates have a 2-Year window of eligibility for non-competitive hiring status. Noncompetitive hiring status means the ability to apply and be considered for vacancies within the Forest Service without competitive examination or competing with career or career-conditional employees under internal merit staffing procedures for any position which eligible. Candidates applying under this authority are considered with other non-competitive candidates.

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