Internship Details
Opportunity Foundation of Central OregonWebsite:
Internship TitleInterns NeededType Of Student
Retail/Human Services Intern3Minimum of 18 years
Start DateHourly RateHours/Week
Computer KnowledgeDrug ScreeningBackground Check
They will shadow Quality Assurance Coordinators, Direct Support Professionals and the General Manager of the Thrift Stores and will learn about the importance of Quality Assurance and how it works, will get hands on experience supporting the clients that we serve (no personal care) and how clients are trained for different jobs. This will aide when they learn about person centered plans and attend ISP meetings.
Educational Aspect
Quality Assurance, ISP system, Person Centered supports, social work, I/DD system, some caregiving.
Further Requirements

Redmond Youth Career Connect - 411 SW 9th Street, Redmond OR 97756